Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back to life

Look what I found patiently waiting for me when I came home!

I also found in the mail a couple items I'd ordered online before I left!  Santa made a visit :)

Coastal Contacts has been promoting free glasses through their facebook page...naturally I was suspicious.  I had only stumbled upon the promotion.  Never heard of the place.  Plus, nothing in life is free right?  I chose the frame online, entered my prescription and a few other measurements that they teach you through short videos.  I even called my optician friend L to get her blessing (thanks L for cautioning me!).  Of course you pay for shipping, (30 day full refund), and you can add extras - I chose to add a "coatings value bundle" anti-glare, scratch resistant and something else I forget.  And voila!  $20 and 3 days later.  What do you think?

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