Thursday, February 24, 2011

Extreme sports

I fell so hard I thought I cracked my butt crack.  Thank goodness for helmets (thanks S & J!) or else I might have cracked my noggin too.  Years ago no one wore helmets.  Now every single person has one.

Orange isn't my color of choice, but if it means I will be seen!...The right gear really makes a difference, even if you look like a turtle (see R above) or a bank robber (me).

Aside from the great fear thrill of snowboarding, the sport is also good for some extreme eating.  Esp if you're some 10,000 ft up, sugar is the best cure for altitude adjustments and way more fun than the other options.  Pictured, fresh baked choc chip cookies at the end of every day and a few of the many mugs of hot chocs.

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