Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From the concrete jungle, to the land of oz

So the contents of the apartment are now in a shipping container, on its way down undah!  Yes, that's right, to the land of oz.

Here's Number Four (my mannequin), hanging out with the movers, looking tiny next to the big burliness, and getting a bit plastic-wrap-kinky with the moving guys.  Silly girl.

Annnd I am now in Costa Rica...waiting for our 3-month shipping container to arrive...and also for a (self-inflicted) crash course in surfing.  Pura vida baby!  And with the "pure life", also comes limited internet access.  Thus my extreme lack in posting...but I have so many photos to share!  Will try my best while I'm on the road!

[Sample sale top, Current and Elliot bf jeans, UES sneakers]

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