Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seeing red

It's been never forever since I've liked red.  Actually, in first grade I liked red because I liked red gummi bears the most.

Essie was giving complimentary manicures for fashion week.  The ladies there were so nice and friendly!  Given the intense surroundings, they managed to provide an air of calm amongst the storm.  (See bloggers' pit below.)

All 3 are AMAZING (the fourth was essentially a nude called Sugar Daddy), but when I saw the "A-list" red I knew it was to be love at first sight.  The others were striking too - Sand Tropez (must find!) is a creamy beige with just a hint of grey and Luxedo a deep purplish black.  

Interesting fact from chatting to the Essie ladies: A-list is the most popular red worn on the red carpet!

Which brings me to the look of the week!  It's a color beginning with the letter R!

Above, Tibi finale.

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