Saturday, June 4, 2011

Like? Like!

So I've been working on some bikini designs, thus the lack of posts.  Vix held a bikini design contest and I entered a few designs.  On June 1 they announced the finalists and I made it!!!

The first is my personal fave.  And also the finalist.  The *Inga*.  I am very creative with the names as you can see :)  The other two (names) are my sister and boyfriend!  I tried to keep to what the Vix girl would wear...inevitably the design process gave birth to a whole world of other swimwear designs that I've sketched up.  For what, I'm not sure, maybe simply for the love of swimwear!

If you happen to feel like voting, you can see the **finalists** here on Vix's facebook page.  And maybe you'll consider "liking"/commenting for Yours Truly.

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