Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"How are bloggers changing fashion?"

I love seeing bloggers speak.  It really makes them come to life, that they're not just a pretty face on my computer screen.  And for street photographers, for once the camera is turned on them!


"A blog doesn't cost a reader can have several different favorite blogs...[not] just one or two magazines..." ~ Hanneli

"You can be more creative, you've got no restrictions or boundaries." ~ Natalie Hartley, Natalie Hartley Wears

"It gives a more personal approach to fashion...It's really approachable compared to what you see on magazines." ~ Bryanboy

"They're adding a real dose of reality and freshness." ~ Rumi Neeley, Fashiontoast

"To see them wear it their own way is a lot more inspiring."  ~ Tommy Ton, Jak & Jil

"They're making a bigger landscape...they're the ones in's one visual consistent element." ~ Scott Schuman, The Satorialist

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