Monday, February 14, 2011

Fetherston and Suno a no-go

Words cannot express how disappointed L and I were.  I say this more out of grief than exasperation.  I'm sure it was not Erin Fetherston or Suno at fault, but they were both too good to be missed.  Plus, some of my favorite bloggers were sure to be there!  Kelly Framel, Rumi Neely, Jessica Quirk, Susie Bubble...  I'll let Racked explain further in "The five worst moments from Saturday's mob scene at milk."

Moving on.

Thank goodness for the world wide web!  Can you tell I love drapey pieces?  Here are some of my fave looks from Erin Fetherston:


And Suno:

I have a hard time wearing prints.  I like prints.  But I think I'm just particular about them.  Sometimes they're too expected.  Mixing prints is a genius solution!  I'm liking Suno's granny wallpaper prints and maxi-sizing.

[Images from]

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