Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another year another decade

Here we come here we go we gotta rock!

In honor of much to honor - birthday big 3-0, a new year, friends, family, winter denial, and one of my fave pieces ever - *the look this week will be my Cloak & Dagger kimono*
It's not a difficult piece to make, in fact, you will see below that it is essentially a rectangle.  Here's P literally asking about it.  How nice to have this photo handy.

However, the colors make the look.  Speaking of which, don't you love the colors A and I have got going on?  Post-snow storm, below freezing, you would never know.  That's the good thing about birthdays, once a year you can ask your friends to dress in a theme of your choice - winter denial sounds good to me.

Above, Chinchilly by Essie, and my newest purchase Fiji by Essie.

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