Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear friends,

I have not been ignoring you, in fact I think about you often.  After 2 long - really painfully long - months without internet I am finally back.  It's hard to leave behind the New Yorker in you.  I called 3 times, argued, and physically went and picked up the modem on foot today.  I used a map too, well the one on my phone, but if you know me you know how confusing those lines are to me.  And instruction manuals - of which I used to install these wires and boxes.  (And if that was not punishment enough, I also lugged a me-sized box home and assembled it...yet another task I aim to do as sparingly as possible, even if it was pretty much only 4 screws.)

Forgive me for being so MIA!  *insert cute puppy photo, Chowder*

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