Saturday, April 9, 2011

Layers of layers

I'd started this piece when I saw the Sass & Bide clutch and was reminded of the American Apparel version and a few others.  Here's my take :)...

The layers were layered, and layered some more.  I liked the effect of the raw edges and with it being canvas, it definitely frayed so I let it be!  The bag itself is 16" x 10" x 3", but because of how it's sewn, it's volume is a couple inches smaller (14" x 8" x 1").

I like imperfections, so loose strands don't bother me.  I'm excited to finally use the leather and hopefully that, too, will age over time.

Here are shots of the inside:

Compartments are crucial in a bag, agreed?  So I took the liberty to add a couple (keeping my keys and phone separate for obvious reasons and I'm allergic to metals).  Plus a handy glasses/sunglasses hook with a scrappy piece of leather that just begged to be included.

Since I'm a bit late with this piece, and Tuesday-due-day is just around the corner, my next will be a quickie.  Don't you think the zipper-ring looks a bit lonely??

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