Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not a cape, toga or blanket

What will ensure that this kimono doesn't look like anything but?  I decided the answer was SLEEVES. So that is where I started!

This is the front and back, respectively.  I must say I am quite pleased!  I'm also kicking myself for not posting them yesterday, but I will get better at this blogging busy-ness, I promise. 

Above, uncut fabric, sketching sleeve shape via paper (aka pattern), cutting the fabric with the final pattern.

The #1 hinderance of my quick progress is (no, not myself or procrastination) but chiffon*.  I am by no means an experienced sewer or draper.  And neither have I blogged before.  So between fighting the shiftyness of chiffon, sewing chiffon while avoiding the impossible 1/8" baby hems, and making decisions, decisions, decisions on how to drape the slitheryness OHandIforgottophotographitagain, I've realized that it's a bad idea to start this project with chiffon.
*p.s. wiki says so too

But I don't give up easily, esp with encouragement from Mara Hoffman.

[Images from and Mara Hoffman website]

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